Friday, 22 April 2016

Camira CPD session - Sustainability and Fabrics

Thanks to Keeley and Paul for our CPD session on sustainability and fabrics. It was really very interesting and we learnt lots about fire retardancy and how cotton is not so green with all those pesticides, insecticides and needing so much water! 

Lets get specifying those Bast based fabrics. There are even recycled Bast products from recycled coffee bags. 

Whilst not a Bast fibre, Wool is definitely top of our specification list as it looks good for longer,repelling those stains and is breathable but we just need to remember if it is not a heavy wool it probably will not meet crib 5. We can achieve this with further treatment or specify a wool and Bast fibre mix. 

Lovely lunch was had by all too!

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